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Liposuction is, depending on which set of statistics you consider, either the most popular plastic surgery procedure, or the second most popular, after breast augmentation.  New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits has been performing liposuction procedures for over 25 years, and has refined his technique over the years using the tumescent liposuction variation of the procedure.

To increase patient education, we have added pages on the tumescent liposuction procedure.  Tumescent liposuction is used for body contouring on both men and women.  Liposuction treatment for men targets gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), the abdomen (including the front and sides), and the neck and face.  Liposuction treatment for women typically targets the abdomen, thighs, and the neck and face.

You may have heard about one or more of the new, supposedly improved forms of liposuction.  In most cases, these procedures come and go, replaced whenever the next new thing appears, but tumescent liposuction continues to be practiced.  Why?  Many of the new procedures are designed to make the procedure easier or more forgiving for the doctor, but, even so, they are only tools.  Doctors who lack confidence in their technique, who are not getting good results with the old way, seek new tools, then discard those tools when they still do not give good results, or prove to have significant side effects.  But Dr. Lefkovits, whose results come from his technique and not merely technology, does not have to keep pursuing that elusive edge that will overcome defects in skill.

If you want to learn more about liposuction alternatives and how much difference the skill of your doctor can make, please schedule a body contouring consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.