New Needles May Further Reduce Complications from Injectables

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Minimally-invasive injectable treatments like Botox and facial fillers are very safe.  Practiced on millions of people every year, complications are rare, numbering in hundreds or less.  When complications do occur, though, they are often the result of inexperienced injectors, such as people offering discount treatments in medi-spas without sufficient training.  A new needle design, though, may reduce the incidence of mistaken injection in the wrong tissue.

The needle design is being explored by researchers at MIT, who hope it will reduce complications resulting when needles penetrate too far and inject medication into the wrong tissue.  The design involves an s-shaped needle with a plug attached to a guide-wire filament inside.  Force to push the needle into skin is applied to the filament only.  When the curve of the needle--placed at an appropriate distance from the needle tip--touches the surface, it provides resistance, and pressure goes along the filament to release the plug and inject the medication at the desired depth.

Until this technology is fully developed, risks still exist for the injection of Botox and other injectables too deep in the tissue.  To avoid this risk, work with an experienced injector, such as New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits.  Please schedule an injectable treatment consultation today.