New Year's Resolutions: Surgical Work over Workouts?

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As the new year gets ready to roll around, you may be considering your New Year's Resolutions.  One of the most popular resolutions among both men and women is, of course, to get in better shape by making regular appearances at the gym.  As part of that, many people dutifully purchase a gym membership year after year, and get little use out of it.  In fact, only half of people who purchase gym memberships actually keep going all year round, and the majority of them attend only sporadically, not enough to really make a difference in your physique.  And even if you do manage to get to the gym regularly and lose weight, you may not find it makes you look the way you want--the way you did when you were in your 20s.

Here's a tip:  keep the fitness resolution, but ditch the gym.  Put aside the fees you'd spend on a gym membership and focus on a fitness routine that incorporates healthy activities into your daily routine after talking to your doctor.  Walking, climbing stairs, and lifting weights can all be done as part of your daily life.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, but if you work really high, start a few floors at a time.  Don't pay that kid up the street to shovel your walk:  do it yourself.  If you're not picking up anything highly perishable, walk to the grocery store instead of driving.  Exchange that riding mower for a gas-free push mower. Changing your routine so you get constant low-impact exercise can be far better for you than sporadic high-intensity workouts, and you will be surprised at the big impact small changes can make.

Once you have made the grade as far as fitness and weight loss are concerned, you may find that you don't look as good as you would like.  It's the same as with the gym:  exercise can remove fat and tone muscles, but it can't help your skin retract, and there are just some places that are resistant to even the most strict exercise and diet regimes.  This is when you'll be glad you saved the gym fees, because they can contribute to the body contouring procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck that can get you the final results that will really make you feel good.

If you would like to learn more about how exercise and plastic surgery can complement one another, schedule a body contouring consultation with Dr. George Lefkovits at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery.