Nipple Surgery a New Trend in Breast Surgery?

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Victoria Beckham was long a visible spokesmodel for breast augmentation.  Although some were not impressed by her obviously artificial style, and she recently revised her breasts to look a little smaller, there is no denying that she helped increase acceptance of breast augmentation.  Now she has apparently kicked off a new trend in breast surgery in Britain:  a dramatic increase in nipple surgery.  When she received her revision surgery to reduce the size of her breasts, speculation is that she also had her nipples reshaped.

Since then, nipple surgery in Britain has increased by over 30%, as women seek perky, well-shaped nipples that they can show off when wearing swimsuits and t-shirts, dresses, and blouses without bras. It's unknown whether this trend is spiking to the same level of interest in the United States as in Britain, but inquiries about nipple surgery in the United States have increased dramatically since last year.

The most common form of nipple surgery is inverted nipple correction, but many women seek more cosmetic forms of nipple surgery to change the size, shape, even color of their nipples.  This can be performed at the same time as breast augmentation or as a separate surgery.

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