People Open and Accepting about Injectable Treatments and Fillers

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Some people may be nervous talking about many different cosmetic procedures, but those receiving injectable treatments and fillers are not among them, according to recent survey results released by a nationwide cosmetic surgery research foundation.  The survey was filled out by 687 people who received treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic or an injectable filler like Juvéderm or Radiesse. The survey revealed that 87 percent of those who receive injectable treatments speak openly about them.  And 70 percent of those who talk about their treatments report getting a positive response from those they told.  This indicates that support for and familiarity with injectable treatments is widespread, much more widespread than many had thought. Less surprisingly, the survey revealed that the "typical" injectables patient is a married, working mother between the ages of 41-55 with a household income less than $100,000.  Many of them are also health-conscious, with 95 percent participating in regular exercise and 78 percent pursuing healthy eating habits. If you have been thinking that injectable treatments or fillers might help to restore your youthful appearance, but were afraid to try them because you were afraid they might carry a social stigma, this survey should help put your mind at ease.  Injectable treatments not only give sublte, natural-looking results, but they are popular and widely accepted.  To talk more about these great facial rejuvenation options, please schedule a discussion with New York plastic surgeon George Lefkovits, M.D. today.