Plastic Surgeon's Study Indicates Lifestyle Affects Apparent Age

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You may be thinking well, of course lifestyle affects apparent age, but a recent study of 149 pairs of female identical twins who attended the Twin Days Festival revealed some interesting conclusions about how to look younger longer.

The study looked at the facial appearance of identical twins and attempted to determine why one looked younger than the other. In the category of expected data, the study revealed that two important factors in looking younger were avoiding sun exposure and quitting smoking.  More surprising factors included hormone replacement therapy for women, and putting on additional weight.

Hormone replacement therapy can help women look younger because estrogen affects skin texture and moisture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Of course, hormone replacement therapy has also been implicated as a cause of many health problems in older women, including breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke.  Perhaps a better way to treat fine lines and wrinkles is laser skin resurfacing.

Weight gain is also good for youthful appearance, but can be of dubious health value.  While maintaining a healthy weight instead of aggressively dieting to look like a waify model can not only help you look younger but live happier and longer, more than that is not worth the risk.  Instead, using injectable facial fillers can give you the same benefits as additional weight--the smoothing of facial contours and fine wrinkles--without causing some of the health risks attendant on weight gain.

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