Plastic Surgery Abroad, but Better

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Plastic surgery abroad is a popular topic among men and women in many countries.  In particular, Britons, for whom plastic surgery is an expensive proposition, have pursued plastic surgery in many countries, mostly in Eastern European and south Asia.  One place they may not have considered is the United States, commonly thought of as a place to get high-quality plastic surgery, not inexpensive plastic surgery. But it's possible to get both: a high-quality surgery for less.

With recent economic turmoil in the United States, the cost of plastic surgery has been dropping, especially for people from foreign countries who travel to the US for surgery.  Many doctors have been offering discounted procedures. These discounts are an attempt to counteract decreased spending power of most of their patients.  In addition, the falling value of the dollar against other currencies, like the British Pound or the Canadian Dollar, has made plastic surgery in the United States more affordable than ever.

And if you are considering travel to the United States for plastic surgery, there are many good reasons to choose New York. With high-quality facilities and a cosmopolitan local clientele, the city has drawn many of the best plastic surgeons.  In addition, it makes a great vacation destination, allowing you to have your plastic surgery while you and your family enjoy the great sights and other attractions.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits invites overseas patients, and has experience working with people from Europe, Asia, and Africa in addition to his domestic clientele. To learn more about the benefits of plastic surgery in New York, please contact Dr. Lefkovits today.