Plastic Surgery as Art

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A surgeon just closed an art exhibit in a non-profit Manhattan-area space that exhibited before & after images of cosmetic surgery patients.  The images themselves were not considered art, but, instead, the surgery was on display.  The surgeon's claim is that cosmetic surgery is a form of art--the creation of an aesthetic form.

We concur.  The goal of cosmetic surgery is to create an improved appearance for the patient, however, we do differ in some respects.  We certainly agree that a rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated and delicate aesthetic procedures.  It is definitely art.  But to claim that a facelift--or any other procedure--is unartistic and "can be taught to almost anyone," as this surgeon states, certainly seems misguided.

Every face is at least as unique as the nose it features.  Or perhaps the distinction is between rejuvenation and reshaping.  The latter is art while the former is merely mechanical.  But people age uniquely, as well, and deserve a unique combination of rejuvenation treatments to achieve optimal results.  A mechanical approach to the facelift will often generate bad results.  We have seen enough poorly-performed facelifts to dispute the claim that it is an easy procedure that can be entrusted to just anyone.

New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits has been honing his aesthetic sense through many years of practice, and brings it to bear on every patient.  At our practice, no operation, no patient, is regarded as merely routine.  For facial rejuvenation that is as unique as your face, please schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation today.