Plastic Surgery Franchise Fined for Posting Fake Reviews

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On July 14, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo settled a state lawsuit against the plastic surgery franchise "Lifestyle Lift," which bolstered its claims of a great new facelift procedure with fake reviews on the internet.  Lifestyle Lift claimed to be an innovative new facelift procedure that gave results comparable to traditional facelifts with less recovery time.  Lifestyle Lift was then marketed to consumers and cosmetic surgeons, who bought a Lifestyle Lift franchise for their market and received training in performing and marketing the procedure. To bolster business for the company and procedure, employees were told to post reviews of the procedure on other websites and even set up a website pretending to be independent that was really a front for employee-generated reviews.

Although we cannot comment on the Lifestyle Lift specifically, we will restate our position that potential patients should thoroughly investigate any supposedly new or revolutionary procedure or technology.  In many cases, these innovations are mostly marketing, not medical.  New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits has over twenty-five years' experience and twenty-five years of satisfied patients.  He evaluates new technologies and plastic surgery procedures and adopts them only when they promise better results for his patients, not simply because they are the new thing generating lots of buzz.

If you would like to talk about how to achieve the best possible results from your plastic surgery or the benefits and disadvantages of different techniques, Dr. Lefkovits will be happy to help.  Call or email him today.