Plastic Surgery in Relationships

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When psychologists studied the significance of attractiveness in relationships, they found some things they expected and some they didn't.  Among the more expected ideas, they found that men rate attractiveness as being more important in selecting a partner than women did.  We know this, and it is part of what accounts for female plastic surgery procedures being far more popular than male's.  But an interesting fact they discovered was that in selecting a partner, men and women generally didn't select the most attractive person, even by their own standards.  Instead, the attractiveness of a partner was strongly correlated with their own self-rated attractiveness.  In other words, men and women don't want to be in a relationship with the most attractive person available.  Instead, they want to be involved with someone who is roughly the same level of attractiveness as themselves.

This is partly responsible for the phenomenon that is becoming more and more common and is partly driving the increase in male plastic surgery:  reciprocating surgeries.  Women who are constantly being subjected to the stressful comparison with models and celebrities seek plastic surgery for reasons of self-esteem.  Many times, this can make men feel that suddenly they are not as attractive as their partners, which can negatively affect self esteem, and drive them to seek plastic surgery to maintain parity.

The ideal is that men and women talk about their reasons for undergoing plastic surgery with significant others, and these procedures can actually help strengthen relationships by making both partners feel more satisfied with themselves and with the relationship without having to seek validation from outside.  If you are considering plastic surgery, be sure to involve your spouse or life partner, and maybe come in for your plastic surgery consultation with Dr. George Lefkovits together.