Plastic Surgery Task Force Report on Autologous Fat Injections for Breast Augmentation

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A few months ago, we wrote about a conference on the use of autologous fat transplantation for breast augmentation.  Autologous fat transplantation (or fat graft) is the technique that makes Brazilian Butt Fill different from buttock augmentation with implants.  It involves the use of a specialized liposuction for the removal of fat from a suitable donor site.  Then the fat is purified and injected in the site to be augmented.  This has shown great results for buttock augmentation, but is still being approached warily for breast augmentation.  Now the official task force commissioned by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) on this form of breast enlargement has reported its findings.

The task force reviewed 110 published studies on the technique, and summarized the results.  Some important positive findings address important concerns about the procedure, namely:

  • There have been no reported instances of breast cancer associated with fat grafting
  • Fat injections may interfere with physical breast exams, but, unlike breast implants, they do not seem to interfere with mammograms
  • Complications seem to be minor, but no specific recommendations can be made because of a lack of data
  • Fat injections need to be considered in a serious scientific fashion to determine the best practices for the technique
  • Studies must also be carried out to determine expected results and the lifetime of those results

Following the task force's recommendations, studies are underway to find more information about the technique. When these studies are complete, the ASPS is expected to issue standardized guidelines for the use of the fat grafting for breast augmentation.

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