Post-Liposuction Appearance

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The goal of any body contouring procedure is to look good.  With liposuction, the hope is that removing localized pockets of fat will improve your appearance by making you look trimmer in areas that you have been unable to target on your own.  There are three main concerns people have about their appearance following liposuction, though:  loose, hanging skin, postoperative dimpling, and scars. The Good News Loose, hanging skin can result from a liposuction procedure.  The degree to which it occurs depends on the quality of your skin.  If your skin has good elasticity, the amount of hanging skin will be low, as the skin retracts.  The good news is that the amount of loose skin is about the same as you would experience if you were able to lose that fat with diet and exercise. The Better News Dimpling is a known risk of liposuction, but postoperative dimpling can be avoided by a skilled surgeon, who can keep from passing the liposuction cannula too close to the skin and thereby creating dimples.  With proper technique, including your adherence to Dr. Lefkovits' postoperative instructions, it is highly unlikely that you will see dimpling following your liposuction procedure. The Best News Scarring from liposuction, although a concern among patients, is actually very minimal.  The incision lengths for insertion of the liposuction cannulae are half an inch or less (sometimes as small as 1/8 inch).  Although there will be several of these incisions, they generally heal up very well, leaving only minimal scars.  Some patients may experience hyperpigmented areas around the incision site, but this is not true scarring. The appearance of a treated area following liposuction is usually very good.  If you would like to learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lefkovits at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today.