Postoperative Care for Best Liposuction Results

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As a cosmetic surgeon with many years of experience, Dr. Lefkovits knows that the surgery is only part of the secret to achieving excellent body contouring results with liposuction.  To help you achieve the best results, Dr. Lefkovits knows that what you do after surgery is very important.

Rest, of course, is key to recovery.  Don't rush back to work or back to exercise.  You should plan on taking three days or a week off from work.

Dr. Lefkovits practices a precise course of post-operative treatment to help expedite the healing process and to enhance the cosmetic result.  This course includes massage and ultrasound treatment.  You will also wear compression garments to help healing and complete the body contouring results of liposuction.

Rest does not mean complete inactivity.  Light exercise such as walking can stimulate healing in the body, but you should be careful to not overdo it.  You should be able to start easing back into your exercise routine about two weeks after the procedure.

If you would like to learn more about how Dr. Lefkovits takes care of you before, during, and after your liposuction surgery, contact Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today to set up a consultation.