Quit Smoking for Better Looks, Better Results from Surgery

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The three best things you can do for your health are:  eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and quit smoking.  These are also the best things you can do for your appearance, and to help yourself get the best possible results from your plastic surgery with the lowest risks.  We have recently looked at how good nutrition and a lower body mass index are both correlated with significant reductions of surgical risk.  Quitting smoking before surgery will also dramatically cut your risk of complications.

Research has shown that smoking increases risks for all surgeries.  In cosmetic surgery, smoking-related complications are not only a possible danger--they may reduce the quality and longevity of your results.  Smoking leads to both vasoconstriction--the shrinking of the blood vessels--and a reduction of the available oxygen in the blood.  By decreasing the supply of oxygen and nutrition, smoking makes it harder for your body to heal itself.  This leads to a longer recovery time, a greater risk of infection, and a higher likelihood of forming visible scars.

In addition, smoking can reduce the life of your results from cosmetic surgery.  Studies have shown that smoking has a negative impact on skin quality, making your skin not only duller, but also less elastic.  Elasticity is your skins ability to spring back if stretched or maintain its shape against gravity or other forces.  Many cosmetic surgery procedures depend on skin elasticity for their results to last.  Breast lifts and facelifts can have the life of their results cut in half or more if your skin continues to lose elasticity as a result of smoking or other factors.

If you are considering plastic surgery, quitting smoking is one thing you can do to help Dr. George Lefkovits give you the best possible--and longest-lasting--results.  To learn more ways to prepare yourself to look your best, schedule a plastic surgery consultation at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today.