Save Money for Plastic Surgery

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You may (or may not) remember our New Year's resolution blog from last year. Among other tidbits, it recommended that people should not buy a gym membership that they will not use anyway, instead saving the money for plastic surgery. The point is that if you have the willpower to work out, you don't need the gym membership, and you can save the money for plastic surgery.

Many people are taking this advice to heart, not just with gym memberships, but with many of the expenses that make it hard for people to save. Even when money is tight, some people prioritize the big life change that plastic surgery can give instead of the daily expenditures that drain your resources. Here are some things to look at in terms of saving money:

  • Eating out: Americans spend $100 billion a year on fast food, most of which is unhealthy and people don't enjoy that much. Save eating out for special occasions and you will save money, be healthier, and enjoy it more.
  • Grooming: Do you normally go to a manicurist? Do your nails yourself, or, even better, invite some friends over for a manicure party. If your husband always gets the same old cut, learn how to do it yourself. Love a massage? It's a great way to rekindle some of the affection you share with your husband to incorporate massages into your daily routine. After a little while, you'll find you do just as good a job as the professionals.
  • Entertainment: If you love going out for first-run movies, take off a few afternoons to catch matinees; you can cut the cost almost in half. If you rent movies, try visiting your local library. Most have hundreds of feature films that you can check out for free.
  • Energy: Energy is money. conEdison has many tips to help you save energy around your home. Also, reading is a more energy-efficient entertainment, so while you're at the library, consider checking out books in addition to movies.
  • Telecom: check out all your telecommunications services. Do you need them all? Evaluate whether your rollover minutes mean you need a less expensive cell phone plan, whether you ever use your land line, and whether you need all those cable TV channels.

You'll be surprised how much money you can save following these simple tips. If you have long wanted a breast augmentation or tummy tuck, but thought you couldn't afford them, try saving for a month or two and you'll see how easily they will fit into your budget.

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