Scar Reduction Drug Undergoing Trials in Europe

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Scarring is an unfortunate consequence of any surgery, including cosmetic surgery. In most cases, plastic surgeons like Dr. George Lefkovits in New York skillfully place incisions to conceal scars.  For example, facelift incisions are placed so that they are concealed at the base of the ear or behind the hairline. Breast augmentation incisions are concealed either at the inframammary fold (the crease where the breast meets the chest) or at the base of the areola (the colored area around the nipple). However, the amount of scarring a person experiences can vary greatly, with a small number of people developing scars that are hard to conceal.

Now a new drug is being tried in Europe to further reduce the incidence of adverse scarring. In early trials, the drug reduced the appearance of scars in individuals who were prone to adverse scarring. Now the drug is undergoing a trial involving people undergoing scar revision surgery. If the drug proves successful, it may be approved for use in Europe and possibly the United States.

Dr. Lefkovits uses many techniques for reducing the visibility of scars in all his cosmetic surgery patients.  In addition to gentle-touch surgery using as small an incision as possible and placing incisions in concealed locations, Dr. Lefkovits recommends steps patients can take postoperatively to reduce the appearance of surgical scars. Treated properly, most scars vanish to a nearly invisible line.

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