Scarlett Johansson Tops List of Desirable Celebrities

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It may be one of the least surprising bits of cosmetic surgery news this year:  women across the country want to look like Scarlett Johansson.  According to plastic surgeons, her features are among the most requested when women come in to discuss cosmetic surgery procedures.  Part of the reason is that she doesn't have just one striking feature, but a number of features that harmonize to create a pleasing appearance.  Women may come in asking for Angelina Jolie's or Liv Tyler's lips, but no other star in the public eye has the same combination of full lips, apple-shaped face that is fuller in the cheeks and tapers down to the chin. In addition, her breasts are the envy women and, apparently, reflect a significant change in the way women are looking at breast augmentation.  Whereas in earlier years, women requested Pamela Anderson-style cleavage, desiring a D-cup or larger breast, nowadays women are asking for smaller, more natural and proportionate-looking breasts, with C becoming the most popular size requested. Other stars who are commonly requested include Megan Fox and Katherine Heigl, for their striking eyes, while Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba's noses are popular rhinoplasty requests. Although discussing a celebrity's features can serve as a good starting place for your discussion with Dr. Lefkovits, the popularity of Scarlett Johansson has another lesson.  Her increasing popularity rests on the fact that all her features are in harmony with one another, so trying to get a celebrity's nose or cheeks put on your face is not necessarily the best thing for you.  During your consultation, Dr. Lefkovits will look at your features as a whole and discuss options for making your face or body look its best. If you want to look your best, schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today.