Sexy Over 50: Secrets for Men

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Traditional wisdom is that men grow more attractive as they age, which is not quite true.  But it is true that men and women age differently and that more men of advanced age tend to be considered attractive than women.  In fact, what is revealing about the list of the 50 sexiest men over 50 recently published by Women on the Web is how many of the men are regulars on the lists of sexiest men generally.  Richard Gere, Robert Redford, Denzel Washington, Sean Connery, and Sidney Poitier--along with many others--all make regular appearances on lists of the world's sexiest men, so it seems that men might have the cards stacked in their favor when it comes to aging.  But that doesn't mean you can just let it all hang out.

The Wins

One of the main effects of facial aging that can make women's faces less attractive as they age can actually help men's appearance.  The loss of facial fat can help your lips grow thinner and more masculine.  And it can help your bone structure show, giving better definition to your face and helping your features appear more masculine.

The Ties

Another important issue with facial aging is, of course, wrinkles.  Some men can get by with wrinkles and still look very attractive.  Otherwise, how could Clint Eastwood still be considered attractive? Wrinkles can enhance a man's gruff, tough appearance, but they're not for everyone.  If your wrinkles make you look angry even when you're smiling, it may be time for Botox Injections.  And if sagging eyelids make you look tired and prevent you from showing off the fire in your eyes, it may be time for a blepharoplasty.

Baldness is also a tough call.  Some men can pull it off, like Sean Connery, Sidney Poitier, and Patrick Stewart, but it may not be for you.  Gere and Redford, for example, would probably never make it as bald men.  Take a good long look at your thinning hair and honestly decide whether balding will improve or hurt your attractiveness.  If you want to counteract hair loss, Park Plaza Plastic Surgery offers hair transplantation.

The Losses

And the picture is not all rosy.  There are a couple of things that really hurt men's appearance as they age.  First is a sagging neck and jowls.  Once your neck begins to sag, you lose all definition in your lower face, and any possible benefit to your rugged features from facial fat loss.  If your profile is losing definition, it is time to consider a facelift.

Although it may have been a sign of wealth and prosperity in foraging and tribal cultures, a paunch is not generally considered attractive these days.  Unfortunately, for many men, it's practically unavoidable.  Exercise alone cannot keep your paunch at bay, nor banish it once acquired.  To get rid of it, consider liposuction or an abdominoplasty.

If you find your aging record is a little shy of .500, schedule a male cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. George Lefkovits today.