Sexy over 50: Secrets for Women

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For women, trying to look young and sexy after age 50 isn't so much of a secret.  After all, women's magazines are full of advice for women trying to look younger longer.  This is because not only has it longer been more socially acceptable for women to discuss their appearance and their concerns about appearance, but also because looking younger is more crucial for women.  It is not that older women cannot look attractive, but that many of the features considered attractive in women tend to be more youthful features, so "young" and "sexy" are nearly synonymous when discussing women's appearance.

The Main Issue

Whereas some men can get benefit from the loss of facial fat, it is nearly always detrimental to women's appearance. When it comes to the face, women nearly always either gain weight and lose their attractive facial features, or lose facial fat, leading to extra wrinkles and hollows.  Banishing wrinkles (with the possible exception of a couple of character lines) is the number one factor in keeping sexy longer.  You can do this with a combination of Botox injections, a facelift, fat transplantation, and laser skin resurfacing.

Perpetual Curves

If you're lucky enough to avoid wrinkles or have had them fixed, the next place to look is at your body's contours.  Very often pregnancy or weight gain/loss can have a negative effect on your breasts and tummy area.  If your breasts are sagging and/or have lost volume, a breast lift, with or without breast implants, can restore to them a youthful appearance or even make them look better than ever.  And if you have stubborn fat in the tummy area, you should consider liposuction, although if your skin has lost elasticity with age, you may need a tummy tuck to get good results.

If you are a woman looking to maintain your youthful appearance, Dr. George Lefkovits can help point you in the best direction based on the aging of your body.  Schedule a cosmetic rejuvenation consultation at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today.