Shapewear for Men

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Men who are considering body contouring procedures like a tummy tuck or buttock lift may be tempted by the introduction of shapewear for men, commonly referred to as control pants or a girdle for women. The product line includes a number of undershirts, sometimes referred to as "vests" and underwear, including briefs and trunks. Utilizing what it refers to as Helix-Mapping, the manufacturer, Equmen, promotes the garments not only as slimming, but as strengthening.

Acording to the company's website, the shirts provide core compression, shoulder support, back support, and posture improvement, along with specially designed ventilation zones. The underwear compresses the quadriceps, the gluteal fold, and the hamsting, and also provides ventilation zones.

Similar to our discussion about corsets for women, it is important to note that these garments are not really an alternative to surgery.  Most men who will get good results from shapewear need such minor correction that they are not good candidates for body contouring surgery.  However, garments like this can help you get and maintain the best results from your tummy tuck or buttock lift.

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