Study Reveals that 70% of Women Are Unhappy with Breasts

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A study published last year in the International Journal of Sexual Health confirmed that more than two out of three women are unhappy with their breasts. This study, based on one of the largest surveys ever compiled on the subject--with over 26,000 women of all ages responding--assessed women's dissatisfaction with their breasts in three categories. Women were asked to tell whether they thought their breasts were too small, too large, or too droopy. The study also included men, who were asked to rate satisfaction with their partner's breasts. In contrast to the women, over 56% of men responded that they were satisfied with their partner's breasts.

Overall, 33% of women felt their breasts were too droopy, 28% felt they were too small, and 9% felt they were too large. Men who were unsatisfied with their partner's breasts were equally divided between feeling the breasts were too small and too droopy (20% to each), while a small minority thought their partner's breasts were too large (4%). The greatest disparity between men and women occurred in the 18-25 age group, when 67% of women were unsatisfied with their breasts, but 63% of men were satisfied with their partner's breasts. Although 22% of women in this age group felt their breasts were too droopy, only 11% of men in this age group had this complaint about their partner's breasts. Younger women were more likely to feel their breasts were too small (38% for the 18-25 age group), while older women were more likely to feel their breasts were too droopy (47% for the 56-65 age group). Breast dissatisfaction was lowest for both men and women in the age group of 36-45 (74% of women dissatisfied and only 51% of men satisfied).

This study shows again that women's dissatisfaction with their breasts is a common, but personal and individual problem. Women may be unhappy with their breasts because they perceive their partner is, but their partner generally does not share their concern.

Breast dissatisfaction is also a problem with an available cure, and New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits can help. If you believe your breasts are too small, breast enlargement is a good option. If you feel your breasts are too droopy, a breast lift gives good results. Finally, if you are among the women who desire smaller breasts, breast reduction can help.

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