Study Shows People Make Snap Judgments Based on Facial Shape

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Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a person to decide what kind of a person you are? According to a new study, about 39 milliseconds. Researchers were attempting to determine whether the shape of men's face may have been shaped by sexual selection, meaning that men with a particular facial shape would be associated with a characteristic that might have been selected for and be recognized as such. In an earlier study, researchers associated the width-to-height ratio of men's faces with their aggressiveness. Now, in this follow-up study, researchers showed the faces to study participants, who were asked to rate the faces on the basis of aggressiveness. They did two studies, one in which people were shown the face for 2 seconds before being asked to rate it, and a second where people were shown the face for a mere 39 milliseconds before being asked to rate it. Not only were the ratings from the two studies highly correlated, they also accurately reflected the aggressiveness of the men shown.

This study proves what we have always thought: people judge us by our appearance, instantly. Even before you are introduced to a person, they have decided what kind of a person you are. This means that if you have a narrower face or characteristics like a receding chin you may be facing an uphill battle to be taken seriously at work or when dating. And if your facial shape changes with age, you may find that people's reactions to you change.

If you think people are making unfavorable judgments about you on the basis of your face, New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits can help. Facial implants can help change your facial shape, affecting the crucial width-to-height ratio and eliminating negative characteristics like a receding chin. A facelift can help combat a lengthening face to restore a more rugged, youthful appearance.

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