The Advantages of Combining Surgeries in a Mommy Makeover

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One benefit of plastic surgery is that it can fix the parts of your body you feel insecure about. Many of our patients are generally happy with how they look, but have one or two areas that they would like to improve.

Of course, there are patients who would prefer to make some major corrections, especially if the shape of their bodies has drastically changed. After delivering a baby, women find that their bodies have undergone a major transformation, and understandably, many are not pleased with the results. In these cases, a combination surgery like a mommy makeover is an excellent plastic surgery solution.

The mommy makeover generally combines at least two of the following surgeries:

Getting multiple complementary surgeries done at once allows you to transform your body faster than getting each surgery individually, and the results can restore you to your pre-pregnancy shape, or even add some improvements! The procedure is also convenient: If you have a job or other responsibilities that take you out of the house, it's easier to schedule recovery time for one comprehensive procedure than for three smaller ones.

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