The Dangers of Destination Plastic Surgery

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The United States has been a leader in innovation, education and technique development in aesthetic surgery. But it comes at a price; namely it is not covered by medical insurance and therefore is self-paid.  Because of the expense of cosmetic surgery, men and women have left the US for places like Dominican Republic, Costa Rico, Mexico as well as elsewhere to have their surgery for the sole purpose of saving money.

This could be a costly mistake as has been shown in many cases. These countries often lack the strict regulations, and sterility control required in the United States. Many patients return with infection, disfigurement or worse. Treating these problems can be very costly and finding US plastic surgeons willing to take on these patients may be difficult.

Even in successful cases once the patients return to the US they have no one to follow-up with. It is important to know that the full results of aesthetic surgery may not be appreciated for many months. During this time the process of healing is variable and following up with your surgeon is important in assuring proper healing.

Finally, there are additional cost factors involved including air travel, hotel and meals. So before deciding on having destination cosmetic surgery think twice about leaving the US.

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