Tips for a Healthy Plastic Surgery Recovery Process

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After plastic surgery, every patient tends to heal at a difference pace. The extent of your recovery process will depend on the specific procedure(s) you undergo, but as a general rule, it is always best to give yourself plenty of downtime to heal. Rushing the recovery process along can compromise the quality of your results or lead to unwanted side effects.

Below are some basic tips for a healthy and successful recovery:

  • Follow your post-operative instructions – Dr. Lefkovits will provide you with important guidelines to follow to manage your swelling and avoid complications. Following these to the letter will help ensure your healing process is as smooth as possible.
  • Arrange for someone to help – For the first two to three days after surgery, you should allow your body to rest as much as possible. Having a friend or family member around to help you out with daily chores and routines will not only bring you peace of mind, it will ensure you can heal without disruptions.
  • Stay hydrated – Any kind of surgery reduces the fluid levels in your body. Drinking water as often as possible will help you replenish these lost body fluids, contributing to proper healing.
  • Avoid aspirin and related drugs – Anti-inflammatory medications may interfere with your healing process. Stick to medications approved and prescribed by Dr. Lefkovits.

Most plastic surgery procedures will cause swelling and bruising in the initial stages of recovery. Don’t panic: these effects will eventually subside, and then you will be able see your final results. Dr. Lefkovits will schedule follow-up appointments with you to check in on your recovery progress and ensure your body is healing normally.

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