Tragedy and Triumph at Miss Plastic Surgery Pageant

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We had talked before about plastic surgery and beauty contests. In many places, women who have had plastic surgery are not allowed to compete in beauty pageants. In response to this ban, pageants specifically for women who have had plastic surgery have begun to spring up. The first was in China last year. This year, a similar pageant was held in Hungary. The Hungarian pageant was marked by a startling turn of events.

One of the favorites to win the pageant took an unfortunate tumble in the early competition. Her silicone breast implants were relatively new, and she was unused to walking in high heels with the additional weight of her breast implants. After the judges looked at the results of her breast augmentation and remarked at how tiny her scars were, she tripped and fell, badly tearing a ligament in her foot. However, she managed to recover and won third place in the pageant.

Considering the lengths people go to alter their appearance in other ways, it does not seem sensible that recipients of plastic surgery should be excluded from pageants. After all, plastic surgery is not about completely changing a person's appearance. Instead, plastic surgery is about fine-tuning or providing minor adjustments to what is already there.

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