Trouble Spots that Make You Look Old

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Although there is no reason why women can't keep looking sexy longer than ever, there are some trouble spots that nearly always show their age.  Here are a few tips for looking younger with a combination of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery:

  • Upper arms are notoriously hard to condition, and even women who have always had well-toned upper arms still see flabby skin here as they age.  You can conceal your upper arms with longer sleeves, constrict them with spandex-containing shapewear, or correct them with body recontouring.
  • Sagging breasts affect all women in proportion to their size.  Never wear bras that give inadequate support, and if the sight of your sagging breasts is too much for you to bear, a breast lift can improve the shape and appeal of your breasts.
  • Lips thin and lose shape as you age.  Wear pale lipstick to avoid drawing too much attention to your thin lips, and use pencils to give your lips better definition.  In addition, lip augmentation with injectable facial fillers can restore what age has taken away.
  • Age spots and thinning skin may make a thick foundation tempting, but this does more harm than good.  If you have individual blemishes and facial spots, you should definitely blend these in, but if your skin is thin with numerous age spots, consider treatments like laser skin resurfacing, glycolic acid peels, or other treatments that can even out skin tone and stimulate thickening of the skin.

If you think your age is catching up to you, we can help.  Schedule a plastic surgery rejuvenation consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.