Types of Chin Augmentation

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Chin augmentation is an excellent way to improve your facial profile. The position of your chin can affect the perception of your nose and other facial features. The goal of chin augmentation is to balance out the features on your face – from both the side profile angle, and from the front. Many people combine chin augmentation with rhinoplasty or cheek augmentation for the most dramatic results.

There are three main types of chin augmentation:

  • Chin implants – Chin implants are made using solid silicone or poolytratrafluorethylene (better known as “Teflon”), and are inserted in front of the bone in your chin. Chin implants are usually secured to prevent shifting.
  • Facial filler injection – A temporary facial filler, such as Juvéderm, can be used to increase the size of your chin. Although the results will gradually fade over time, facial filler treatments can be repeated, or used to give you an enhanced appearance for a special occasion. Many people also try facial fillers to decide whether or not a permanent chin augmentation is something they want.
  • Chin advancement – Chin advancement involves surgically shifting forward a section of your jawbone, which is then secured in place with bone screws and metal plates. This can achieve good results for some people, but it is highly invasive and requires a long recovery time. It also has a higher risk level of complications, such as nerve damage. Dr. Lefkovits does not perform chin advancements for these reasons.

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