What Are My Breast Implant Options?

Buttock and Breast Augmentation (NYC), Park Plaza Plastic Surgery New York (NY)

If you decide to move forward with breast augmentation, you will have a variety of options to consider when choosing your breast implants. Dr. Lefkovits will help guide you through this decision process, explaining how each option will affect your final results. He will also recommend the options that he believes would best meet your needs. In the end, however, the final decision will be up to you.

Your breast implant options will involve:

  • Breast implant size – Your body frame, breast skin condition, lifestyle, and cosmetic goals should all be taken into account when choosing your breast implant size.
  • Breast implant typeSilicone implants provide the most natural, realistic look and feel. However, some patients may prefer saline implants, which allow for a smaller scar and slightly more sizing control in certain cases.
  • Breast implants position – The placement of breast implants can be under the muscle or over the muscle. While most of the implants that we place are under the muscle, there are times we suggest going above the muscle.

Dr. Lefkovits will measure your chest, evaluate the condition of your breast skin, and carefully listen to your cosmetic goals in order to provide you with proper guidance and recommendations. Our goal is always to help you achieve the most satisfying breast augmentation outcome possible.

If you have further questions about breast augmentation, please contact Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits. You can also reach us by phone at (212) 750-9494.