What do I need before undergoing aesthetic surgery?

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Congratulations, you’ve decided to take the next step toward increased confidence and improved appearance! This can be a very difficult thing for many, but a successful aesthetic surgery can transform people in ways they could have never imagined. After you’ve selected the surgical procedure that you would like and picked a plastic surgeon to perform your procedure, there are a few additional things that you need before the actual surgery occurs. They are as following:

  • Tests
  • Medical clearance (if applicable)
  • Expectations and understanding of results
  • Prescriptions
  • Instructions for before and after the surgery

Before your procedure, a physical examination typically takes place. This will usually consist of an assessment of your medical history and blood tests. If your surgeon thinks that your medical condition may be risky, such as if you have weight issues or a heart condition, he or she may require a medical clearance from your primary doctor before the procedure can take place. Once your medical history and clearance has been completed, the focus shifts from your health to the procedure itself.

Your surgeon can walk you through all the specifics of your procedure, such as when you should stop eating and drinking prior to the surgery. They can provide you with oral and written instructions for what you can or cannot consume. These instructions may be procedure specific, and if they are not, please ask your surgeon for further clarification. They may also write prescriptions for any medication that you will need before or after the surgery, such as painkillers. They should also help familiarize you with possible complications.

In addition, you should also have a satisfactory understanding and realistic expectations of possible results. An ideal way to do this is by examining photographs of typical results. The most successful procedures occur when the patient has an honest idea of what they may look like after the surgery, and they are prepared for some of the recovery effects of the procedure. If you have any questions, please ask your surgeon.

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