What makes a good breast augmentation?

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Breast implants are nice to the eyes of many and a lot of women are going under the knife to look and feel good. With different varieties and kinds of breast implants, women would choose which one they want, go to the best doctor in town and perform the surgery.

But what makes a good breast augmentation?

First off, you must pick the right doctor who will perform the surgery. Determining the best surgeon is not an easy step. You should consider the following:

  • He or she is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. This ensures that the PS completed a full residency program
  • Must have graduated from a trusted and credible medical school
  • Annually continues medical education and practices
  • Performs many breast augmentations and has shown you many before and after photos
  • The PS understands your expectation and you both are tuned in the same outlook with regard to size and shape
  • The operating room is fully accredited

Once you are able to choose the right surgeon, worry no more with your breast augmentation surgery as you are in good hands. Just make sure that everything is legit and licensed so you are safe and sound.

Next, you should know the procedure like how the surgeons do it and how long it will take. Usually it takes an hour or two to get done. The surgeons will give you sedatives through your veins and anesthesia so you would not feel any pain. Next would be the incision, your doctor will determine on which part of your chest you would less likely to have a scar. The cuts will depend on what kind of implants you are getting and how large you want your breasts to be. Once the implants are placed, your surgeon will close the incision with layered stitches and surgical tape.

The results of your breast augmentation will be visible as soon as the operation is done. You will appreciate more of your new breasts once the swelling is gone and you are fully recovered.

Lastly, after the operation, you should regularly have your breasts checked if the implants are still intact and everything is normal. You should follow the steps on how to clean and take good care of your new implants as negligence may cause infection and having another breast surgery is a potential risk.


To have good breast augmentation is to attain your desired breasts, the shape, the feel, the look and the comfort of the implants in your chest. To get what you want you must pick the right doctor, know what you want to happen with your breasts and follow safety procedures after the surgery. You can only consider it good if you like the results.

Always remember to undergo an annual examination to determine if you would have to replace your implants to remain healthy and reduce the risk of infection. These implants will change over time as you age or when you gain weight. If one day you will look at the mirror and would not like what you see on your chest, you can always revisit your doctor and request for and implant exchange or a breast lift for a fresher look.