What size implants should be used?

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Bigger is not always better. Some breast implants are so large that people immediately know that they are not real. Some breast implants are so small that there is no noticeable cosmetic improvement, which can be discouraging. When women are making the decision about their implant sizes, there are some important factors to take into consideration. Our breast surgeon is skilled in assessing your needs and helping you select an implant size that respects your natural contours while also enhancing your breasts. The criteria that we use when we are consulting implant size are:

  • Overall appearance
  • Comfort – disproportionately larger implants can lead to back pain
  • Vision for future breasts
  • Natural breast size
  • Tightness of breast tissue

When you come in for a consultation on your breast implants, the overall rule of thumb is that your breast size should be proportionate to the body. The larger the breast size, the less natural that they look. Not one breast implant size works for all. Some women have different figures that would be further improved with specific implant sizes, such as petite women with smaller implants and more broad shouldered women with bigger implants. A terrific way to assess the balance between implants and overall appearance is to review before and after photographs. By looking at photographs, you can get a good idea of the appearance of various sized implants and also the skill and technique of the surgeon.

Most importantly, don’t just follow what your friends suggest. Your breast implant size is best determined by a consultation between you and your surgeon. Depending on your natural breast size and the availability and tightness of breast tissues, some different size implants can look excellent. Our surgeon can help you bring your vision for your perfect body to reality.

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