What You Should Be Prepared to Tell Your Plastic Surgeon: Aesthetics

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Disclosing your medical history to Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits is crucial to the safety of your plastic surgery procedure. Disclosing your full rationale for desiring plastic surgery is just as crucial to the quality of your results.  To help Dr. Lefkovits give you the results you desire, you should be prepared to talk in detail about:

  • When and how you first became aware of a cosmetic defect It can be very important whether the feature you hope to correct was noticed first by you or by others, whether it was noticed in a public or intimate situation, whether it is something recent or if you have long been bothered by it.
  • How you feel about your appearance and how you hope it will change as a result of your plastic surgery We want to understand what you feel is the degree of your cosmetic defect.  We also want to know whether your expectations for your plastic surgery are realistic and achievable.
  • How you feel you compare and how you hope to compare with others of your age and gender Once you become aware of a particular feature, it is normal to compare yourself with others in terms of that feature.  Do you feel your nose is larger than most other people's and hope to be normal?  Or do you now feel ordinary but hope to be extraordinary?
  • How you have tried to conceal a feature that makes you self-conscious Your avoidance behavior in trying to conceal your appearance can help Dr. Lefkovits understand the impact it has had on your life.  Do you wear your hair to conceal your face?  Do you avoid pictures? Do you wear or avoid particular clothes? Do you only undress in the dark?  Do you avoid going to the beach or the gym?

If you are prepared to talk about these aspects of your appearance, it can be a great help to Dr. Lefkovits in getting you the results you desire from your plastic surgery.  To begin talking about a plastic surgery procedure, call or email our office today.