What You Should Be Prepared to Tell Your Plastic Surgeon: Medical History

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To ensure the maximum safety of your plastic surgery procedure, you should be prepared to share all relevant information about your medical history with Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits.  Plastic surgery carries with it many of the same risks as other surgeries, but if you give an honest and complete medical history, these risks can be minimized.

To ensure maximum safety you should be prepared to discuss:

  • Existing medical conditions There are many medical conditions that could affect your safety during cosmetic surgery, including autoimmune diseases.  Even if you are embarrassed about a sexually transmitted disease, it is important to mention it.  Also, mention symptoms that may be indicative of undiagnosed medical conditions like constant fatigue, generalized feelings of being unwell, or inability to sleep.
  • Previous medical procedures and complications Always disclose any prior surgeries.  Especially important are previous surgeries on the body part or parts where Dr. Lefkovits will be operating.  It is also important that  you share any previous complications such as adverse reactions to anesthesia or heavy scarring.
  • Any and all medications, including herbal supplements Depending on what procedure you are considering, there are literally hundreds of medications that can affect your safety during a cosmetic surgery procedure. This applies not only to prescription medications, but over-the-counter remedies and supplements. Fortunately, in most cases simply informing Dr. Lefkovits about them can dramatically reduce risks. 
  • Psychological condition If you are being treated for or have been diagnosed with any psychological disorder, you should tell Dr. Lefkovits.  Also, talk about any recent major life changes like divorce, a recent loss of a family member, firing, or others that can deeply affect your emotional state.  This can help Dr. Lefkovits establish an optimal timetable for your procedure.

If you are completely honest with Dr. Lefkovits about your medical history, he can ensure your plastic surgery procedure is performed with the maximum possible safety.  Contact him today for a consultation.