When Should I Replace Old Breast Implants?

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Although breast implants do not technically have an expiration date, they won’t last forever. Like any medical device, breast implants will eventually start to wear out and break down inside your body. When a breast implant leaks (called a “rupture”) or causes complications like capsular contracture, it is important to have the implant replaced.

If your breast augmentation was performed decades ago – for example, in the ‘80s or ‘90s – it might be high time for you to inspect your breast implants and have them replaced. Even if a rupture has not occurred yet, many people want to take advantage of the superior aesthetic quality of modern breast implants. Today’s silicone gel implants come with several advantages over old breast implants, such as:

  • Looks and feels more like natural breast tissue
  • Lower rate of capsular contracture
  • Less likely to rupture

If your old breast implants are hard on your chest, or if your doctor has informed you that a rupture has occurred, now is the best time to have your implants replaced so you can enjoy the many benefits of modern breast implants.

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