When to Get Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

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If you are considering getting breast augmentation surgery in preparation for a special event, such as your wedding, a class reunion, or even just to be ready for the swimsuit  and sundress season, it’s important to have your surgery done long enough before the event that your breasts can look their best when you want to show them off.

Breast implant surgery makes your breasts immediately larger, but it takes time for your breasts not just to heal, but to settle into place.  Immediately following breast augmentation surgery, your breasts may look unnatural.  Not only will there be some bruising and some swelling (that will subside quickly), but the breast implants will initially seem to be too high.  As part of the implantation procedure, a large pocket is made for the implant, and the implant is placed high in the pocket, then allowed to settle down into the bottom.  This helps the implant stay loose in its pocket, which keeps the implant soft and natural-feeling.  The process of settling takes a different amount of time in every case, but in general it’s best to have your procedure done at least 6 weeks before any big occasion for best results.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and want to learn more about making yourself look your best at a special occasion, contact Dr. Lefkovits at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, to set up an initial consultation.