When Will Swelling Subside After Breast Augmentation?

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Swelling is a completely normal post-operative side effect of breast augmentation surgery. Right after your breast augmentation, swelling will hide the true the size and shape of your new breasts. Over time, as your soft tissue continues to heal, the swelling will gradually subside. If your implants were placed below the muscle, your muscles will also need time to flatten down and fully accommodate the implants.

In most cases, swelling will noticeably decrease about 2 weeks after surgery. The vast majority of the remaining swelling will disappear within 6 to 8 weeks. However, you may need to wait up to three- six months before your final results are fully apparent.

Try not to buy bras during this period, since your breast size may decrease, and your breast shape will inevitably change. Furthermore, Dr. Lefkovits recommends not using a bra for the first six months to help minimize capsule formation. You should have a fairly good idea of the final size of your breasts by the 6-8 week mark. Be sure to attend all of the follow-up appointments that Dr. Lefkovits schedules with you and perform the self- breast massages that are demonstrated to you.

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