Which Breast Augmentation Placement is Right for Me?

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Once you have selected the size of your breast implants, the next step will be to determine the best implant placement method. There are three main options:

  • Subpectoral (partially under the muscle) – The breast implant is placed just under the front portion of the pectoral muscle. This provides good coverage for a more natural look, reducing the chances of rippling and lowering your risk of capsular contracture. Good for women with thinner breast skin. This is the most common placement.
  • Submuscular (fully under the muscle) – The breast implant is placed completely beneath the pectoral muscle, allowing the muscle to fully cover the implant. There usually is no implant visibility and rippling is reduced. This method provides strong internal support, while also lowering your risk of capsular contracture. Ideal for women with especially thin breast skin, and smaller breast implants.
  • Suprapectoral (over the muscle) – The breast implant is placed under the mammary gland, but over the pectoral muscle. This method is sometimes called “subglandular” placement. If you have thick breast skin and have chosen larger implants, this method can provide you with a more natural look in certain cases, and also allows for an easier surgical procedure.

The right placement for you will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the implants you have chosen, the relative thickness of your breast skin, your lifestyle, and personal preference. Dr. Lefkovits will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option to you in more detail during your breast augmentation consultation.

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