Who is the right New York plastic surgeon for me?

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Not only is it difficult to select the right kind of plastic surgery to address your hopes, the amount of plastic surgeons that you find on the Internet and through people can be staggering. However, plastic surgeons can vary in quality and experience. The right New York plastic surgeon for a friend may not be right for you. Someone that is well respected within the field for a specific type of surgery may not be the best for another type of surgery. It is ideal for people to select plastic surgeons based on the following criteria:

  • Before and after photographs of results
  • Board certification
  • Comfort with surgeon
  • Other patient testimonials
  • Prior experience

The primary thing to look for is if the surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery. Certification demonstrates that a surgeon has practiced for at least five years after medical school and successfully passed difficult oral and written exams. Board certification is voluntary, but is a standard across plastic surgery. Asking your surgeon about board certification is a terrific baseline.

The second thing to consider is the surgeon’s experience with the procedure that you are seeking. Past performance can be a strong indicator of future performance. Many patients assess this through before and after photographs of results. Sometimes, if it is possible, you can try to see the results in person. In addition, it is recommended that prospective patients speak with one or two patients about their experience with the surgeon. Overall, your comfort with the results and other patient’s experiences are a priority.

Finally, during your initial consultation, your surgeon’s demeanor and approach to your procedure is very important. You should be properly informed by the surgeon about the benefits and potential risks of your surgery. You should not be rushed during this meeting. If you are happy with the results that you’ve seen and had your questions and concerns addressed, then the surgeon you are meeting with is could be a terrific person to handle your surgery.

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