Why Are More Men Seeking Cosmetic Surgery?

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Cosmetic surgery for men has risen dramatically in recent years.  Although at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we have long recognized the desire men have for cosmetic improvement, the recent trend is noteworthy.

Although it was not recognized, men have always sought cosmetic improvement for the same reasons as women:

  • Self-confidence
  • Personal vanity
  • Attractiveness for dating, or for a spouse or partner
  • Career advancement

But if these reasons have always been around, why the precipitous increase in men seeking cosmetic surgery?

There are many possible reasons why men would be seeking cosmetic surgery now more than ever.  First, with a relatively low-job recovery in the economy, competition to be the best in the workforce has dramatically increased.  Men are trying to avoid looking old and tired when they go for their job interviews, or even just to keep their jobs against young firebrands full of energy.

Also, with elevated divorce rates, the number of older men dating has also risen.  Along with that, the image of what women are looking for in a man has changed.  When women were less capable of making a living for themselves, it was more important for women to find a man who could take care of them.  But these days many women, especially likely dating candidates for divorcees, are more likely to be self-sufficient and therefore choose men based on other criteria, including appearance.

Finally, the media plays an important role.  Leading men have always been sex symbols of a sort, but in the past they were not as highly promoted for their bodies as women.  In general, men's fashions have been concealing rather than revealing, but this is changing.  Marketing of men's bodies to promote men's fragrances and cosmetics have further contributed to the increased pressure on men to look their best.

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