Why Has the Brazilian Butt Lift Become So Popular?

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Not only is Brazil famous for soccer and the Amazon River, but the country is also known for their beautiful women. One of the most striking features of these women’s bodies is their buttocks, which has escalated a trend. By removing the fat from undesirable areas, such as the flanks, and using the fat to further enhance the shape of the butt, many people experience a transformation in their appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Brazilian butt lift is rapidly becoming a popular procedure in New York and throughout the US. This surgery is popular because:

  • Aging’s effect on gravity
  • Celebrity status
  • Contemporary fashion
  • Cultural preference
  • Improvements in technique
  • Slimmer appearance

The appearance of a more slender woman with curves is considered the aesthetic standard in America, with celebrities such as J. Lo and Kim Kardashian being revived for their assets. These beautiful women are regularly featured in magazines and pop culture for their healthy appearance. In addition, fashion trends favor those with fuller rear ends. It is easier for women to look terrific in low-cut jeans and yoga pants when their rear end is contoured a specific way. The Brazilian butt lift also helps to correct the effect of gravity on some women to create a beautiful butt.

There are several reasons for the attraction to the Brazilian butt lift, but fat grafting perhaps provides the most benefit. Previously, the only options for making your butt appear fuller and more firm were implants. With fat grafting, fat is removed from one portion of the body to another, making people appear slimmer on their flanks with a fuller rear end. In addition, fat grafting provides a more natural look and feel. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lefkovits can also customize your results by adding or removing fat where your preference lies and adjusting the contour of your butt for maximum aesthetic improvement.

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