Why is fat grafting to the buttocks preferable to implants?

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With new advances in technology and surgical methods, many people are seeking out surgical procedures that can tackle multiple issues at the same time. One such procedure is fat grafting to the buttocks. With this technique, fat is harvested from one portion of your body through liposuction, such as your flanks or your lower abdomen, and then grafted onto your rear end. This results into a more natural appearing and feeling enchantment to the buttocks. The benefits of grafting are as following:

  • Improvements to liposuction area
  • Material use
  • Natural appearance
  • Better recovery time with less pain

When natural materials are used in surgery, there is a multitude of benefits. The primary benefit is in the appearance. Fat can be injected in increments according to the patient’s desires, and used to contour the body for maximum benefit to the overall appearance. This also leads to the simultaneous improvement to the donor sites that are being liposuctioned. The fat also feels and looks natural. Implants can appear less realistic due to their texture. Fat grafting is also preferable because of the ability to customize the areas of the buttocks that need improvement. For patients that are unhappy with fat on other areas of their body, it is an efficient way of tackling that issue as well.

Finally, the ultimate benefit of grafting is the recovery. Since fat grafting does not require the body to accept a foreign object, recovery is often less painful and faster. There is a lower incidence of infection since the process is more organic. Due to the use of natural material instead of foreign material, many patients recuperate faster and are able to return to work quicker than implant patients. Our surgeon can help you determine the appropriate donor sites for your needs and discuss methods for improving your experience while also minimizing pain.

Ready for your Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat grafting to the buttocks is a terrific way for most people to get butt lifts. If you are interested in the procedure, please contact Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today. In addition, if you have any questions, please call the New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits at (212)-750-9494.