Will Breast Implants Affect my Mammogram?

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As women get older, breast cancer becomes a serious health concern. It is recommended that you get a mammogram every year once you turn 40, or, if you have had breast augmentation surgery, once you turn 35.

Many women considering implants are concerned about the effect they may have on their mammogram results. Mammograms look for lumps of dense tissue growing within your breast, and current technology is unable to distinguish these lumps from your breast implants, which have a similar level of density. The danger is that the implant could hide the presence of tumors inside your breasts.

Fortunately, any experienced radiologist will be able to shift the implant's position while taking images, so growths anywhere in your  breast will be visible in at least one of the images.

Other steps you can take to improve mammogram accuracy include:

  • Going to a clinic that sees a lot of patients with breast implants
  • Mentioning your breast implants to the radiologist before the procedure
  • Getting your implant placed underneath the pectoral muscle, creating less interference with a mammogram
  • Checking your family history of breast cancer, so you know what the risks are beforehand

You may also be worried about the possibility of the mammogram rupturing your breast implant or causing capsular contracture. While this can happen on occasion, the risk is minimal. It's more important to get regular mammograms than it is to worry about a rupture in your implant, which can be easily replaced.

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