Worldwide Plastic Surgery Statistics

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Last month, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) released its first-ever survey of aesthetic plastic surgery statistics worldwide. According to the society, this marks the first time ever that reliable statistics on the number of surgeons and procedures worldwide have ever been available. According to the survey, the countries with the top numbers of surgeons were:

1.    United States

2.    China

3.    Brazil

4.    India

5.    Mexico

And the top number of procedures was the same, except with China and Brazil reversed. However, one thing the ISAPS neglected to publish was the per-capita number of surgeons and procedures, which, utilizing information from the CIA World Factbook, I have diligently calculated. According the the ISAPS and the CIA, the countries with the highest number of plastic surgeons and procedures per 100,000 persons were:

1.    South Korea (2.63 surgeons performing 1359 procedures)

2.    Brazil (1.92 surgeons performing 1245 procedures)

3.    Portugal (1.87 surgeons performing 1195 procedures)

4.    USA (1.86 surgeons performing 986 procedures)

5.    Taiwan (1.57 surgeons performing 810 procedures)

Although I expected Brazil to be high in the rankings, Portugal, South Korea, and Taiwan were a little surprising. Another surprise is how far down China fell in the rankings, from second place to second-to-last of the 23 countries for whom all data was available, despite the recent plastic surgery "boom" that has been highly publicized in the media. (And, sadly, here. Mea culpa.)

What the adjusted rankings also show is that although plastic surgery is very popular in the United States, it is not a runaway phenomenon, but, rather, a normal part of culture in the developed world. Also normal is the popularity of certain procedures. In every country where it was reported, liposuction and breast augmentation were the two most popular surgical procedures.

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