You Deserve a Mommy Makeover From our Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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There is no greater joy than the blessings of motherhood. After feeling your little one grow and finally bringing them into this world, you get the pleasure of watching them mature, change, and become a wonderful little man or woman. In addition to the many blessings associated with motherhood, your body may change in ways that you’re not fond of, which is when a mommy makeover from our Manhattan, New York plastic surgeon may be worth discerning.

Pregnancy can change multiple parts of your body. Your breasts may have become engorged, but now appear to be sagging or deflated. Your abdomen may have excess fat or just excess skin from being stretched during pregnancy. Even your buttocks or thighs may have been affected by your pregnancy. Whichever part of parts of your body you’d like to alter, our New York plastic surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits, can help.

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that help you achieve your aesthetic goals. It can include some or all of the following:

Through the combination of any of these procedures, our New York plastic surgeon can help return your body to what it looked like before you had children. By combining multiple procedures, we can help minimize recovery time and cost as well. So, while we know that there’s nothing more special in this world than your child, we also understand that there may be improvements that you’d like to make to your body. For these or any other questions please contact Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today by calling (212) 750-9494.