Undergoing breast implant surgery is a big decision. It is important to understand all of the options available to you. One of the most important determinations you and Dr. Lefkovits will make during your consultation is what type of implant to use. Over the last few decades, the decision was made for you without your input; saline implants were the only option.

The FDA has finally approved the reintroduction of silicone gel breast implants allowing women the right to choose. The debate between silicone versus saline implants still goes on, but it usually comes down to your individual needs and personal preferences.

Saline Elastomer

Since the early 1990s, saline implants gained prominence in the United States because of the government ban on silicone gel. Saline implants are made of silicone elastomer, but are filled with saline solution instead of the silicone gel, which was deemed unsafe.

Saline implants ruled over the last two decades, but many people were dissatisfied with the overall results. Saline implants are more prone to rupture, requiring replacement. Many patients also noticed a rippling effect with saline, because the fluid is not as dense as silicone gel.

Although not as popular as silicone breast implants, there are many advantages to using saline implants, including:

  • Saline solution is easily absorbed by the body and is not dangerous
  • The implant can be inserted through smaller incisions because it is filled after placement
  • They have been used in the U.S. throughout the 1990s for thousands of breast augmentation surgeries
  • Available for women aged 18 and over

Silicone Breast Implants

After being banned in 1990s, the FDA began a process whereby silicone gel could be reintroduced. After many years of study and testing, the FDA approved the reintroduction of silicone gel implants in 2006.

Since the reintroduction of silicone gel, the number of breast augmentation surgeries has increased. The benefits of using silicone gel over saline include:

  • They have a more natural look and feel
  • Silicone gel is now closely monitored by the FDA for safety concerns
  • Available for women aged 22 and over

Although only recently reinstated in the U.S. silicone gel implants have been used almost exclusively in European countries. The FDA based much of their study on European women who choose silicone gel implants for their breast enlargement procedures.

The type of implant is only one of the factors about which you and Dr. Lefkovits must decide. Some of the other considerations that may affect which breast implant option you choose are:

  • Incision type
  • Over the muscle or under the muscle placement

When deciding on which type of breast implant to choose, it is important to understand all your options in the context of your appearance goals. Learn more about breast implants surgery in New York

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