Buttock Implants vs. Fat Injections

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Buttock augmentation can be performed in one of two ways: using buttock implants, or using fat injections. In the past, the first method was the most common. However, butt implants pose several problems for patients. Dr. Lefkovits uses the fat injection method – also known as Brazilian Butt Fill™ – because of its higher safety profile and superior, natural-looking results. This method has quickly become the most popular technique in use today. 

Disadvantages of Butt Implants

Butt augmentation with implants uses solid silicone implants that are usually inserted below the muscle in your buttocks. Because this involves a foreign object in your body, there is a chance the implant may be rejected by your body, or else displaced by the movement of your  muscles. Additionally, your risk of infection is greater, and the feel of the butt implants is less natural.
Patients also face a prolonged healing period (around 4–6 weeks before you can return to normal activities), which is often accompanied by significant discomfort and pain. If you do not have enough fat to use in a Brazilian Butt Fill™ procedure, Dr. Lefkovits recommends that you gain weight in order to undergo a successful fat transplantation.

Advantages of Buttock Augmentation with Fat Injections

Buttock injection using the Brazilian Butt Lift fat injection method comes with several benefits over the traditional implant method. Liposuction is used to collect fat from an area of your body where you do not want it. This allows Dr. Lefkovits to contour the donor site area, further enhancing your figure.
The collected fat is then purified and concentrated before being injected into your buttocks using two very small incisions. Dr. Lefkovits has much greater control over the smoothness and consistency of your results using this method.
Some of the other major benefits of buttock augmentation with fat injection include:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Shorter recovery period (around 2 weeks)
  • Less chance of infection
  • No foreign objects in your body
  • Softer, more natural skin consistency
  • Less risk of side effects

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