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The Advantages of JUVÉDERM

JUVÉDERM is an increasingly popular injectable filler that was FDA-approved in 2006 for the treatment of facial folds, wrinkles, and hollows. Using hyaluronic acid – a natural sugar found in your eyes, skin, and joints – Juvéderm improves your skin’s elasticity and smoothes out wrinkles for a more youthful overall appearance. Juvéderm comes with a …

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What is Juvéderm?

You may be concerned that the only way to rejuvenate your face is through major procedures, like a face lift or skin tightening procedure, however, there is a non-surgical alternative that can work wonders. Juvèderm is an injectable facial filler that can be used to lessen wrinkles, facial folds, and hollows. While it’s natural for …

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