Cheek Augmentation for Women

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Your cheeks play an essential role in the harmony and beauty of your face. Full, round, blushing cheeks are a sign of youth and health. High or strong cheekbones are often considered attractive when combined with adequate soft tissue. If you are looking to achieve an attractive appearance or restore your youthful look, it is important not to neglect your cheeks in considering the balance of your face. Sometimes cheek or chin augmentation can also help other procedures like rhinoplasty to achieve their goal of a balanced facial appearance.

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Achieving Balance

There have been a number of studies showing that people do not perceive your face as a number of separate elements, but, rather, as a unity, taken in as a whole. However, to achieve the appropriate whole, every element has a role to play. The relative width of cheek bones and chin, for example, has been strongly correlated with perceptions of a face as masculine or feminine, just one indicator of the importance of cheeks in conveying an appropriate appearance. Cheek augmentation can help you achieve the proper proportions to get the look you desire, or can be used to complement another procedure, such as nose surgery (rhinoplasty).

Conveying Youth

The cheeks are also important for giving a youthful look to the face. Facial volume is naturally lost and fat pads are displaced as a result of age, giving the face a sunken appearance. This can be worsened by weight loss, and many women achieve the figure they want only at the cost of a face with gaunt or sunken cheeks. Cheek augmentation can help you overcome this to have both an attractive body and face. Some women may also have sunken cheeks as a result of injury or disease, making cheek augmentation an important reconstructive procedure.

Sometimes, the problem is not a loss of volume, but the displacement of fat and other tissues in the face, in which case a facelift may give you better results.

Cheek Augmentation Options

There are three main techniques that we utilize for cheek augmentation, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve we will recommend one or the other. These cheek augmentation techniques are:

  • Autologous fat injection (also called fat grafting)
  • Filler injections
  • Cheek implants

Fat injection uses fat taken from anyplace you have extra fat (we commonly use the hips, stomach, thighs, or arms) that is then processed and injected into your cheeks. Although the fat may not fully take the first time, once the fat transplant does successfully take it gives results that are essentially permanent. Fat injection is popular because of these four advantages:

  • It is taken from your own body, so there is little chance of rejection
  • It can be harvested from multiple sites, with the added benefit of providing some contouring in harvest sites
  • It provides a natural-looking result
  • Its results are very long-lasting

Filler injections (such as Radiesse) use artificial fillers to restore your cheeks' fullness and reduce the appearance of lines and folds. It is good because it does not require liposuction to harvest material, and is an option for women who do not have adequate donor tissue. Its main disadvantage is that results are temporary (lasting about 10 months to 1 year).

Cheek implants are used to change the shape and prominence of your cheekbones. They are inserted through incisions made inside the mouth and attached to the cheekbones.

Possible Complications

Cheek augmentation with filler material has very few risks and the results tend to be fully reversible with time. Fat injection can sometimes lead to an uneven contour, something that can normally be corrected with subsequent treatments.

Cheek augmentation with implants is a surgical procedure and therefore carries more risks, although complications are typically minimal. They include:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Infection
  • Implant shift, requiring additional procedures
  • Reaction to or rejection of implant
  • They may become visible with aging

New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits does everything reasonable to reduce the risks of complications, and they are very infrequent.

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