Microneedling, PRP & PEELS

Dr. George Lefkovits proudly offers various non-invasive cosmetic procedures in New York, New York, to help patients feel more confident in their skin.

Non-Surgical Options For Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

We offer a full arsenal of invasive and non-invasive procedures and treatments that can restore your face to its young, healthy look. If you’re interested in altering your face without invasive surgery, we offer the following procedures:

  • MICRONEEDLING – also known as collagen induction therapy, is a procedure used to stimulate collagen production, improve the texture of your skin and enhance your overall appearance.
  • PRP (Platelet RIch Plasma) – Platelets provide essential growth factors that are involved in stem cell migration, differentiation, and proliferation.
  • FRUIT AND ACID PEELS — glycolic acid peel to rejuvenate your skin and encourage collagen and elastin development

Any of these treatments, or a combination of them, can help your face shed its older layers of skin and begin to develop new, healthier skin. They can also encourage collagen and elastin production so that your face will look more plump and beautiful.

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